Yeh Hai Lollipop Movie Review

Our story is set in a mall where a very unsuccessful writer is trying to get his next big story. He writes everyday day in the mall’s food court. He along with many of the others members of the community go to the mall every day. “Yeh Hai Lollipop” is a look in a new culture that is growing within in India “the mall goers.”

Our lead character trying to a write his story and bases his characters on the crazy real people he sees at the mall every day. He shares about their mishaps, and the drama that fills their lives. As the movie goes on. We find that all kind of crazy situations begin to unfold.

Our movie, “Yeh Hai Lollipop” is written and directed by the multi-talented Manoj Sharma. Manoj, brings this unique, comical, and romantic storyline to life on film.

The music is arranged and composed by Praveen Bharadwaj and Rahshid Khan who are both gifted musicians in their own right. “Yeh Hai Lollipop’s” music is produced again by the award winning Zee Music Company. Who is involved in many of today Bollywood movies that feature wonderful, music.

The main romantic song of the film is called; “Dil Sulgata Ja Raha Hai”. This song features clips from the acting of its young romantic leads Chirag Thakkar and Ohanna Shivanand. The lyrics and music are created and penned by its lyricist Praveen Bharadwaj. The song is performed and sung by Aaman Trikha. Please watch and you can enjoy by viewing. It can found at the following link here:

This movie: “Yeh Hai Lollipop” it has everything in it you could want. It contains love, comedy, action and even adventure but mostly a lot of comedy throughout. It has a lot of very interesting crazy characters. Whose lives all come together at a rather common place the mall. Each of their stories are very funny as well. The comedy in it seems to be over the top and not that interesting. But I’m sure that it is geared for a specific audience that likes dead pan and slap-stick kind of comedy. The romance you will enjoy features both young and older couples so that will appeal to a wider audience.

Just when you think all is well in the mall goer world everything begins to unravel. Even the cops, and the government become involved in the story. It has action, fun, and romance.

Genre: Bollywood, Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller
Stars: Chirag Thakkar, Ohanna Shivanand, Om Puri, Himani Shivpuri, Manoj Joshi, Rajpal Yadav, Tiku Talsaina, Sanjay Mishra, Vrijesh Hirjee, Hemant Pandey, and Mukesh Bhatt
Producer: Harshal Bhadane
Director: Manoj Sharma
Screenplay by: Manoj Sharma
Production Company: Suddatta Films
Release Date: November 11th, 2016

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Bollywood Movie Review Prakash Electronic

Prakesh Electronic, is the first Hindi movie of the 2017. This story follows Prakesh. As the story starts, he is left orphaned. His family then takes advantage of him and weasels their way into his inheritance. Prekash grows up into a man and as the story follows who is in middle age.Our hero is an electrician (played by the character actor Hemant Pandey).Though he’s a pretty good electrician; he does most of his work no cost for his community. With his motto, “Ready to Help Even at Midnight.” He has a shop called, “Prakash Electronics.”

Our story follows his life and how it changes when a beautiful young girl (Barkha) moves into his town. Barkha is played by Hrishita Bhatt). She is quite the high maintenance type, prima donna.

Everything in his life begins to turn upside down as he begins to interact with this girl. He really wants to marry her but he is stuck in old ways, traditions, and thought patterns which block his for pursuing her.Hopefully, he can get over his ways and finally get together with this the would-be love of his life.

He doesn’t like actresses or those that work in film so that makes is difficult as Barkha is a would-be actresses with big dreams.

It is a comedy so we know that with many twists, turns, and many mishaps are going to follow our characters. Everyone is hoping for a happy ending for our dear introverted Prakesh. He is such a nice guy you really do begin to feel for him and all of the things he’s went through.

Unfortunately, our story really plays out much like in a exaggerated, soap opera type way. This film, seems to not have very much consistency to it at all. Jumping all over the place with random scenes, twists, turns, breakups and makeups.

Which, is disappointing due to the fact that it’s written and directed by the talented and popular Manoj Sharma. Which is very successfully writer and director in any right. However, it just doesn’t transfer at all to this film.

The composition, lyrics, and music are by Praveen Bharadwaj.

Unfortunately, this film has been rated and reviewed very low on the scale. Hardly even registering even two stars. Many are even are unfortunately calling it pathetic.So, it seems that you can skip this one and save your money. As it’s much like the same as many other low-budget comedies.

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Comedy, Romance

Cast:Hrishitaa Bhatt,VrajeshHirjee, ManojPawa,Hemant Pandey, Sanjay Mishram, Chandrachur Singh

Director:Manoj Sharma

Producer:Rajneet Jain, Rajesh Jain, “Pinky”, Bhartesh Jain, and Viny Raj Modi

Writer/Screenplay:Manoj Sharma

Production Company: Shri Wardhman Movie Ventres, Himalayan Dreams, Prachi Movie India, India E-Commerce Ltd.

Release Date: January 6th, 2017 in India

Movie Run-time: 2 hours and 6 minutes

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